Stephen Frink

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Sea of Change Lifetime Explorer Award
The Sea of Change Lifetime Explorer award honors individuals to celebrate a lifetime of excellence in ocean awareness and exploration.

Stephen Frink - 2016 Lifetime Explorer Recipient

Stephen Frink grew up in Illinois. Not exactly a hotbed for scuba diving! Stephen moved to southern California to attend college. While looking for work, he came across a marina that needed boat bottom cleaners but you had to be a certified diver. Unknown to Stephen at the time, this would have a major impact on his career for the rest of his life. While in South Florida visiting a friend, he realized that no one was processing film and started a side business. It worked out great for Stephen as he could dive and take underwater photographs during the day and process film in the evenings.

A chance storm kept a dive magazine assignment photographer from making their way to south Florida so Stephen was asked if he would do it since he was already there. Fast forward to today and Stephen has been the director of photography for Scuba Diving magazine, a contributing photographer for Skin Diver for 17 years and now the Publisher of Alert Diver. He has taught thousands how to photograph and appreciate our underwater world and continues today.